When you read or hear the word SCENT, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s VANILLA. Vanilla may seem basic but, it’s one of my earliest memories and a scent that I am just so fond of. My favorite ice cream (nice cream now) is plain Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. I always had my mom make me vanilla milk in lieu of Strawberry or Chocolate. Did you know that vanilla is the fruit of an orchid, and is native to Mexico? These days vanilla is grown all around the world, with Madagascar Vanilla being the cream of the crop. 

Enough about vanilla (for now), let’s talk about scent. Scent is everywhere, and one of the first senses we really develop. We recognize our parents when were babies by their scent. A scent can find a memory that was lost, and can make you feel at home in a foreign place. Scent is important.

When creating scent stories for the candles at \HAUS\ A Home. there is so much that goes into it. There’s always a story associated with each scent created, a place that the scent takes me, a person it reminds me of. Even when doing interior decorating for my clients I plan with scents in mind. It helps create a vibe, and we’re all looking for a good vibe. 

I would love to know what scents you love, you never know it may end up in our product line.



CEO | Master Artisan 


Sustainability is defined as the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. 

\HAUS\ A Home. is a sustainable home goods and services brand, based in Brooklyn, NY. Sustainability, ethical, and eco-friendly are words I don’t just throw around because they are trendy, these practices are top of mind in everything I manufacture, produce, buy and sell. It is also a priority in my personal life. I created this brand originally to find a way to turn my travels into something tangible, and in doing that I found my purpose. I want to help others become more sustainable. I don’t want it to feel like a job, I want it to be seamless and something you don’t even have to think about. 

Our candles are made from coconut wax (which is processed coconut oil), which is the most ethically sourced wax on the planet at the moment. Our wicks are made from FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) mills in the US. That means they make sure that all practices are environmentally and socially responsible. Our jars are made of glass and are meant to be recycled/upcycled upon finishing your candle. I love turning my jars into pots for plants. I even give a pack of herbs for you to use! Our Palo Santo and White Sage come from an ethically sourced farm in Ecuador. We donate 10% of the profits from those sales to “The Palo Santo Project” to help replant Palo Santo trees. I definitely make sure that our packaging and shipping is as ethical as possible. Kraft boxes and recycled paper labels are used on all of our products. 

You may be wondering why I’m going on and on about how to I go about getting supplies and blah blah blah, but it’s because I always want to be transparent with you, the consumer. I’m very selective about the things I surround myself with, and I urge you to do the same. If you ever have any questions about any of our products, services or practices, drop a message and I’ll be more than happy to share. 

Welcome to our \HAUS\.



CEO | Master Artisan