When you read or hear the word SCENT, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s VANILLA. Vanilla may seem basic but, it’s one of my earliest memories and a scent that I am just so fond of. My favorite ice cream (nice cream now) is plain Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. I always had my mom make me vanilla milk in lieu of Strawberry or Chocolate. Did you know that vanilla is the fruit of an orchid, and is native to Mexico? These days vanilla is grown all around the world, with Madagascar Vanilla being the cream of the crop. 

Enough about vanilla (for now), let’s talk about scent. Scent is everywhere, and one of the first senses we really develop. We recognize our parents when were babies by their scent. A scent can find a memory that was lost, and can make you feel at home in a foreign place. Scent is important.

When creating scent stories for the candles at \HAUS\ A Home. there is so much that goes into it. There’s always a story associated with each scent created, a place that the scent takes me, a person it reminds me of. Even when doing interior decorating for my clients I plan with scents in mind. It helps create a vibe, and we’re all looking for a good vibe. 

I would love to know what scents you love, you never know it may end up in our product line.



CEO | Master Artisan